Tuesday, November 19, 2019
1:00 PM Eastern | 12:00 PM Central | 11:00 AM Mountain | 10:00 AM Pacific

Making decisions as shareholders of a family business can be downright complicated! And it’s no wonder. Families are made of different generations with built-in family dynamics that increase in complexity as the family shareholder group grows.

This webinar untangles that complexity by sharing practical tools and case studies on how to align your family with an effective decision-making process. We’ll help you define who and how decisions are  made and to make the process crystal clear. 

Topics include:
  • Why effective decision-making is important to the success of a family business
  • Tools to determine where decisions might fall
  • Becoming an engaged decision maker
  • The importance of Fair Process and focusing on the greater good of the whole
  • How to get unstuck and create an environment for success
Our free, 1-hour program includes time for Q&A. Can't attend live? A recording of the webinar will be available for all registrants.

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Are We All in Agreement? 
Effective Decision-Making
in Family Businesses

About the Presenters

Jean Meeks-Koch, Ph.D. specializes in advising family enterprises facing significant organizational transitions. She has extensive experience in large-scale change management initiatives, organizational systems and restructuring. Jean also helps family businesses with leadership and team cohesiveness development, executive coaching, psychometric personality and competency assessments, and leadership curriculum design and implementation in various modalities.

Joshua Nacht, Ph.D. works with business families to leverage their strengths by focusing on effective governance, communication, and transitions. He is adept at working with multigenerational families to integrate diverse perspectives and create strong ownership groups by developing structured plans for continuity. His new book Family Champions and Champion Families explores the value of family leaders in creating enduring business family success.