Wednesday, October 4, 2017
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Family constitutions (and similar documents referred to as “charters” or “protocols”) are often a centerpiece of family agreements and governance for mature family enterprises; yet, the purpose and origin of the constitution can be very different from family to family. Oftentimes, families go through the process of developing a constitution and later find the document isn’t as useful as hoped for in managing the day-to-day tensions between business, family and ownership.

In this program, Chris Eckrich and Dana Telford will discuss how families effectively create and use family constitutions as a foundational pieces of their governance efforts and provide useful ideas for families considering creating or updating this kind of family agreement.

Attendees will learn:  

  • Why families choose to create a family constitution,
  • The conditions that lead to successful creation of a family constitution,
  • Different processes families use to create their family constitutions,
  • Who to involve for best results,
  • What types of agreements and policies typically go into a family constitution, and
  • Tips on completing the constitution successfully and implementing it with the family.

This free, one-hour program includes time for Q&A. A recording of the webinar will be available for all registrants.

About the Presenters

Senior advisor Chris Eckrich specializes in building leadership excellence and maintaining family unity in enterprising families. He assists family owned firms in preparing future owners and leaders, forging alignment on goals, and establishing orderly continuity plans that maximize effective leadership transition and prevent conflict during the transition.

Chris’s family history of entrepreneurship in meat processing and other industries provided the impetus for his commitment to the family business field. He has published in academic and business publications, and co-authored The Family Council Handbook:  How to Create, Run, and Maintain a Successful Family Business Council, a comprehensive resource for families seeking to organize themselves to achieve long-term family and business goals.

Dana Telford is a principal consultant specializing in helping family business owners plan for succession and manage the complexities and opportunities that are inherent to family business. He works with controlling owner, sibling partnership and multi- generational family enterprises of all complexities and sizes, and across multiple industries. His former and current clients include leaders from Forbes’ list of the world’s wealthiest, a royal family and two of the largest privately held businesses in the world.

He has advised hundreds of business families from many business sectors in a variety of sizes on six continents and in more than 18 different countries. Dana has done work in a variety of industries including real estate, automobile dealerships, construction, farming, medical services, health insurance, manufacturing and banking. 

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The Family Constitution:

A Foundation for Family Alignment